Anti-Parasitic Herbs

Black Walnut
Black Walnut has been used in the past as a anthelmintic, especially for tapeworms. Although Black walnut has laxative properties it is well tolerated. It relieves lymphatic congestion, presumably mainly in patients with parasitic infections. It is also antifungal and has naturally occurring iodine in high enough amounts that it can also be used externally as an antiseptic.

Dr. James Howenstine, MD wrote about some of the favorable therapeutic results With TAO-Free Cat’s Claw In Lyme Disease. According to his article, there was a pilot study which treated 28 patients with Advanced Chronic Lyme Disease with TOA-free Uncaria tomentosa (cat’s claw). Conventional cat’s claw contains TOA alkaloids that interfere with the desired immune modulation. The 14 person control group was given antibiotic therapy. At the study’s termination 85 % of those receiving the cat’s claw preparation no longer had positive blood tests for Bb. All 28 persons had experienced a dramatic improvement in their clinical condition. No significant changes were seen in the control group.