Greetings Friends and Family!

I want to send you all an update that Healthy Living Studios and will be opening at our brand new location soon! We want to send love to all of you before the holidays. I know this can be a hectic time but, it is always important especially around the holidays to take some time and de-stress. The energy that you put out there will come back to you but, it is important to first rejuvenate and take some time to recharge. Stress can burden the immune system and cause all sorts of digestive issues which can deplete ones energy.

I’ve found working with clients some great ways of rejuvenating your energy:

1 – Taking a simple walk outside: Whether you live in sunny California or for our clients are in other parts of the world take some time outside. I remember working a long day and just felt depleted of energy. After that day, as nuts as this may sound I remember hugging a tree for energy! Trees and nature have a tremendous amount of energy! Scientists over the years have discovered that the energy system on the earth is measured by the Bovis Scale.

Bovis Energy measures “Natural Earth Energy” which ranges from zero to infinity. Sometimes referred to as the Life Force Index it is named after French researcher Anton Bovis, who during the 1930s studied earth energies among the Great Pyramids of Egypt. The Bovis Scale provides a measurement of how positively or negatively a substance is charged. The key reference point on the scale is found at 6,500 Bovis energy units. From 0 to 6,500, the charge is in the NEGATIVE range – life depleting. Above 6,500 Bovis energy units the energy gradually becomes more POSITIVE – life enhancing.

2 – Taking a Bath: This is a great stress reliever and a way to get rid of toxins. I always recommend with clients to put apple cider vinegar in the bath and after soaking for awhile assisting the lymphatic system with brushing around the lymph glands which are normally around the neck and under the armpits. Apple Cider Vinegar has been used for years for its healing properties and is a quick and inexpensive way of getting healthy and better!!!

3 – Watching those Thoughts: Oh gosh, I can write a book on this! Thoughts can be challenging and its important to always watch your thoughts like an observer. Watching your thoughts helps you objectively become the observer and not take places, ideas, people or things too seriously. When we start to take things personally and not accepting the way things are not realizing that everyone has their own glasses and spin on reality that is where things can get quite confusing. If you start to feel too many thoughts, anxiety and nervousness, slow your vibration down. Take a deep breath and on the exhale slowly massage your gut. This is where most of our feelings get trapped (just right below the solar plexus and near the transverse colon). I know! Our emotions get stuck in our gut. That is why everyone calls it a ‘gut feeling’.


Sending everyone love and light in the first days of this new year. Be grateful that you are on your way to a better life and grateful for the lessons you’ve learned thus far.

Heather Levine