The Beauty of a Focused Life

2015-09-12 23.40.56

Hi everyone! As some of you know I recently got married and it has been quite a road since Lyme disease! Life has moved pretty fast and sometimes Its just so hard to slow down and breathe and take things in. This picture is from a party that we went to in New York and it feels so great to be healthy again. So I thought I would share it with all my friends.

These past few years, I’ll admit I took a little break from blogging a bit to figure out who I am. I feel in life sometimes we are changing so much that sometimes we lose sight on what our purpose is and what God wants for our lives. God has a purpose for you in mind and its always important to remember this. Sometimes it is hard to feel God’s love but I found that the best thing that you can do is sit down and just talk to him. Tell him what is bothering you or what vision that he has for your life. Sometimes what God has in store is better than what you imagined.

Andrew read a story this morning about a tightrope walker and the story was from the Rebbe. The Rebbe asked how the tightrope walker was able to cross the rope and back without falling. This was long ago too so there were no nets at that time. Well, the Rebbe asked again “how did you do it?” and the Tightrope walker said that I just focus on where I am going. The Rebbe then asked “well what was the hardest part for you?” and the Tightrope walker said “turning around.” So I think this story has many meanings in life. Whether you are sick, changing jobs or something major happened in your life its always important to know where you are going and to stay so focused on that. It is when we lose focus that we fall. There is so much static and choas in the world today that can cause us to fall or lose focus.

When I was sick with lyme disease I remember focusing JUST on people that were well. I read their blogs, I bought their products and by all means and purposes I wanted to be them. I think there was something in that where I wanted to emulate them, learn from them and make them my mentor. I threw what I was doing aside and had a vision.

Take the time today to write out your vision. What does it look like? Be specific. It will be your lifeline.