Great Tips on the Road to Health

Greetings guys!  I just came back from a seminar this weekend and really felt that God wanted me to share a few things with you. After the conference, began to notice a common thread to the questions people would ask me. I think one of the main questions asked was “will I get better?”

I can only share what I think and what I feel are important and of course a lot of these were from my own journey with Lyme. I really feel that anyone can give you certain things to do and information e.g. a doctor, naturopath, acupuncturist etc.., be it vitamins, minerals, supplements, energy healing etc., however, I found that the real problem lies in the limiting thoughts like…

  1. How long am I going to have to do this for to get better?
  2. When will the brain fog be gone if I follow this or that protocol?
  3. How do I implement these things everyday?
  4. It would just be so much easier having someone do this for me
  5. I’m so confused and hopeless
  6. How am I going to have the resources to get better?

These there probably some of the main questions and concerns that I had during my time with Lyme. The challenge was that I was so foggy that I didn’t honestly know how long it will take to have the brain fog go away.

Well…Here are some of the things that really helped me and I’m so happy to share this with you.

Really believing that God will provide a way for the payments of treatments and supplements in the future. I can’t tell you how much I initially put on a credit card for supplements and treatments! It was scary. The thing is that I always told myself “I will pay it off when I am better” or “ I will get the money for this later” and guess what…I always did! Remember staying up nights about all the things you worried about in the past? Hasn’t everything you have ever worried about been taken care of? Money is no different. It is just energy. If you say it will come to you…it will.

Putting together a schedule and having fun with it. Ok. Having “fun with Lyme” is honestly enough to make me roll my eyes but, the one thing that helped me through was making a schedule and knowing that I had to stick to it. This schedule would allow me a game plan and keep me on track. I did a schedule month to month which was helpful. The key to having peace with all the treatments is to get as much knowledge from people about the body. I found that the more information I had the better off I was at beating the disease.

Reminding myself to do something everyday to BUILD and ELIMINATE: I found there were two keys to getting better which are building and eliminating. Now interestingly enough this is how our cells function. The cells bring nutrients in and then eliminate. So on one day for example, I would say…

  1. What am I going to do today to build myself?
  2. Spiritually? God, Higher Power, Eternal Life etc.
  3. Physically? Vitamins, minerals, electrolytes, herbs, vitamin C IV drips, Ondamed treatments, Beta Glucan etc..
  4. and what am I going to do to eliminate? coffee enema, skin brush, infrared sauna, ionic foot bath, any type of sweating, colonics, jumping on a trampoline to get the lymph’s going. The key for me was to pick one modality to build and the other to eliminate.
  5. Taking the focus off this life. I cannot tell you how important this one was. During my time with Lyme everyday seemed to be like groundhogs day. It was hard for me to see the small incremental changes in my health. Some of the changes were so minor that the despair of not being able to live a full life was devastating. What I realized is the more I took the focus off living this life the less stress I put on my body. As I started refocusing my thoughts on heaven and something greater than this life it, it allowed my body to heal and relax a little bit more.