If I just take this one herb…I wont get sick

Hi My lovelies,

I have had this post in my mind for the longest time and really wanted to address some of the things that are going on in the herbal and natural world that can really effect our spiritual walk in life or at least it has drove me crazy at times. I have received a lot of knowledge about herbs since recovering from lyme some years ago and have learned about toxins, herbs and some healing remedies to a lot of aliments. Over the years I became addicted to learning as much as I could about the body and how to prevent disease.Truth is: I was scared to get sick again and although some of these diets, herbal protocols might cure certain diseases and help the knowledge can also hurt you. For example: if I got a cold I would say “oh its because I didnt build up my immune system enough or take enough vitamin C.” If someone was feeling tired, I would immediately tell him and her that they need to detox and perhaps their liver is stuck” With each insight of knowledge I was getting farther and farther away from God and I began to feel it. My life became all about preventing disease rather than just living it. But when does it end? The truth of the matter is that yes, although I was learning about diet, exercise and herbs to help prevent some ailments from happening on this planet there is still a mystery about life. No matter how many blogs I subscribed to to learn about health, no matter how many toxins I tried to avoid there is one thing that was staring me in the face. Death is inevitable.

You could literally DRIVE yourself crazy with all the health, herbal and general knowledge out there. I literally stopped myself in whole foods because I was just s overwhelmed with information. I told myself “Heather, the truth of the matter is that no matter how much knowledge you acquire or gain and no matter how much you try prevent illness by your own doing..things could still happen outside your control. Of course, Its important to gain knowledge about herbs, health and try to do the best you can to keep  you and your family healthy but here is the key please please do this with God and spirit behind you. What I mean is that if you feel that God is leading you to learn more about herbs, ailments and health do so but make sure that you dont replace his guidance with control and gaining as much knowledge as possible that you dont need him.When you do this life becomes about existing and the wonder of life stops. Instead of living a life WITH God and alongside him life becomes about control and fear. As this energy of control and fear start to dominate your life it can effect your health which in turn can cause you to try to seek even more knowledge about herbs and remedies so the cycle WILL NEVER end.

So breathe. Breathe into the information God wants you to have and the information he doesn’t. Accept it and allow him to lead you and hold your hand. That he knows exactly what you need at this precise moment. Allow the wonder of life to permeate through you and let go. Balance. Remember…the key to this life is all about Balance! And I will discuss more on this topic to come.

much love,