Me in NYC (Central Park)

Wow! So this morning I read an interesting article from Dr. Mercola called New Report: Preventable Medical Mistakes Account for One-Sixth of All Annual Deaths in the United States. The article was so scary. Some of it included “According to the most recent research into the cost of medical mistakes in terms of lives lost, 210,000 Americans are killed by preventable hospital errors each year.” That figure just scared me this morning. All in all although it was hard having Lyme disease I feel like I learned so much about the body and how to prevent diseases.

Since recovering from Lyme disease, to be honest, I have been very gun shy of going to the doctors. In fact, most of the time I start questioning what a doctor could do for me other than surgery.  I learned that once you start getting the liver, the adrenals, the colon, the thyroid and the proper vitamins and minerals your body CAN recover.

A very interesting event happened last week which I would love to share with you guys. I went to a dentist and unfortunately this one was NOT a biological dentist. I should have known better but she was inexpensive so i decided to go. She was in Beverly Hills so I took a shot. After all, the Beverly Hills crowd must be pretty high demanding? During the dental cleaning she did a series of exams and mentioned that I might have to get an onlay. For those that dont know an Onlay is just a bigger hole in the tooth than a cavity. In the past, I was always really good with cavity fillings so I decided why not. After the procedure, she told me she put porcelain in my mouth and I started to get hotness in my head and major headaches. I told her that I might be allergic to the porcelain and she told me that this never happens to patients. In fact, I googled later that night and found out that putting porcelain in the mouth is a pretty well-known procedure worldwide. I also saw online that a lot of people did have sensitivity to it.

She was really sweet about it and offered to replace it with a temporary. That night i started thinking. If dentists are putting stuff in the mouth why doesn’t the ADA ask patients to take a compatibility test for dental materials. I know the dental industry is changing everyday with more and more people realizing that a lot of health issues have to do with dental work. Thats primarily what the biological dentists do. They look at dental work in a holistic approach. Hopefully in years to come the ADA will be on board.

So because of all the allergies i experienced, next week I have a dentist appointment with a biological dentist who will test my compatibility for dental materials. We’ll see how it goes. I am hoping that God will lead me to the right places 🙂