The Road to Recovery from Lyme

Natural Pure Living - Podcast by Health Coach, Heather Levine

About this clip

In this clip I discuss some major tips that helped me during my time with Lyme.  If for some reason the player above doesn’t work click the microphone to the left to listen.


2 thoughts on “The Road to Recovery from Lyme

  1. Stephanie pastor

    Thank you!! Thank you for all of your generous information and invaluable support. I just started ONDIMED treatment and I am noticing a significant detoxifying and removal of the LYME plague I’ve been battling. I noticed that you indicated that you went twice a week- could you Please Help me by giving me more information about your ONDIMED treatments? How long were each session? How many months did you go for twice a week? Do you highly recommend the oscillator too? I know that this electromagnetic portal is extremely powerful for me – it’s shocking how much better I feel after only three ONDIMED treatments. Thank you so much for your information – you are leading me to recovery and my husband and three children thank you deeply as well . Can you please email me?

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