Emails to God

Emails To God

I wrote a lot about this in my website but during my time with Lyme or whenever I was sick I would always make sure to write an email to God. What I did was I set up a separate email account which was dedicated to all my emails to God. Whenever I would need something or was scared I would quickly write an email to God. It could have been just a short email saying “please God help me now…I’m scared.”

Yes. I was afraid to talk to people
This might seem embarrassing to talk about now but there was a time when I was afraid to talk to people. When I would approach people I would have no idea what to say and a million thoughts would swim around in my mind. “What should I say now?” “Do I look okay?” “Do I feel okay” “Am I sounding normal to this person?” It was strange for me to have these thoughts because I used to be such a social person. But, I remember then when I had these thoughts I hated cell phones and pretty much all communication with people. It wasn’t me but I knew that I had to do what I could to survive the situation.

I gave it to God
This honestly was the only thing that helped me cope with my social anxiety. Once I had to approach someone either for work or something else and I was nervous, I would then tell myself the following: “God please take this conversation over. Please tell me what to say to this particular person and  just allow the words to come out of my mouth.” This always helped and there was something about allowing God to take care of it and not me. It was a way to take the pressure off the situation and allow life to happen the way it shoul