Energy Healing

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Energy surrounds us and with that said, one of the key parts in healing is infusing the body with loving healing energy. Because our body is mostly made of water, healing those cells on an inner level can have the ability to transform us and rejuvenate our lives.

What I found in my own experience is that the cells in our bodies have a tremendous amount of cellular memory. It’s these cellular memories and blockages that are said add to dis-ease in the body. We also live in a world where although our bodies are being effected by WiFi and cellular towers. These can disrupt the energy flows in the body causing one to have multiple-chemical sensitivity.

Through my own experience with a life threatening disease I don’t know if our bodies were ever able to handle the amount of exposure that we have today. Signs of electromagnetic sensitivity are headaches or a rapid heartbeat. The various energy healing techniques I will show you will allow your body to almost reset its energy channels and assist in releasing stored cellular memory. Such Energy Healing modalities include a series of deep breath work and the intention to let go!


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