Health & Wellness Coaching

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Let’s Come Up With A Personalized Plan

My goal with our health and wellness sessions is to provide you with the right tools and assist you on your journey. I really feel strongly that given the right tools and the determination anyone can recover.

Part of health and wellness is making sure that you are eating the right foods. According to Dr. Morse, most humans, on a raw diet should be eating 75% fruits and 25% vegetables. The reason for this is that fruits are packed with vitamins, minerals, fiber and lots of water! They provide the right framework to help someone really “build” themselves up before fighting an infection.

Once we begin looking at some of the foods you are eating, we can then incorporate different ways of getting the essential vitamins, minerals and electrolytes in your diet. This can be a variety of ways from adding coconut water to your smoothies, to adding aloe or some other inexpensive short cuts. My goals is to make health and wellness fun! It’s a journey and if you’re not having fun on the journey then it’s time to reframe your thoughts!

Shortly after assessing your diet, I will share with you all my knowledge to the best of my ability when I was sick and what I learned. I truly believe in passing the blessings and the knowledge on. A lot of my path and journey from having Lyme included some inexpensive ways of incorporating natural protocols as well as just simple changes in my lifestyle that made a huge difference.

According to Dr. Morse, life is based on consumption and elimination hence- two things taking place. For example, plants take carbon dioxide and give off oxygen, we eat foods and then eliminate, we are born and then we transition. It is really important to understand this concept because I think much of the body works this way. When we consume and fail to eliminate i.e. bad thoughts or even waste in our colon that our bodies become out of rhythm with life.

Remember there is a flow to life and a time and place for everything. We are all connected to each other and made up of trillions of cells. Each cell is life and holding this in our consciousness is the first step towards living the life that God intended us to have.


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