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Heather Levine, Health & Wellness Coach - Los Angeles

My passion is truly helping others and empower them to become more health conscious and to take control of their lives by changing the way they look and think about the body.

I have always been interested in helping people live the healthiest, happiest and most peaceful life that they can

I suffered on and off from a mysterious chronic illness and was Multi-diagnosed with conditions ranging from Lupis, MS, ALS, Fibromyalgia and Celiac. I  had anxiety, depersonalization and derealization for years.

As an attorney in New York working in Midtown Manhattan, I felt constantly stressed from deadlines and such an intense environment and hectic lifestyle. After landing a job as an associate, the stress caught up with me and I was finally diagnosed with late stage neurological Lyme Disease at the age of 26. The effects of Lyme such as Depersonalization, Derealization and anxiety were really scary and devastating.

Depersonalization is when you feel completely detached from the world emotionally and feel as if you are in another dimension. Likewise, derealization is when you feel vertigo or as if you are in a fish bowl. These symptoms due to a manifestation of an autoimmune disease can wax and wine. Doctors were baffled by my symptoms. Neurologists put me on all sorts of medicine for my  headaches and depression, but not one neurologist or psychiatrist ever thought the symptoms might be Lyme disease.

That was I stepped back and really evaluated how my health was affected by the choices I was making, the treatments I was pursing and what really would get me better. I finally had real life reasons to change my stressful lifestyle and further immerse myself into a healthier lifestyle, natural medicine and other modalities such as energy healing and colon hydrotherapy. The combination of medical treatment, exercise, energy work and nutrition cured my disease and I have been completely healthy ever since.

Heather Levine - Health & Wellness Coach, Los Angeles - Qualifications & Training

Qualifications, Certifications and Training

Having recovered from Lyme, I knew that it was my mission from God to help others! I received a certificate from California Coastal Cleansing Institute and studied with Roxanne Watson and became a Board Certified Hydro Colon Therapist with I-ACT. I received Chartered Herbalist Certification from Dominion Herbal College, which is the oldest and most well-known school for herbal work to be certified as an Master Herbalist. I am a Certified Detoxification Specialist and was trained by Dr. Robert Morse ND from the International School of Detoxification. I had the privilege of working closely with Perry Fields for several years, a well known pioneer in the Lyme community and learned a great deal from her. I also worked with Turn the Corner and CALDA, raising awareness and money for lyme research. My stories and blogs have been featured in Lymenaide, a well-known blog in the lyme community. I also currently contributes Lyme advice to the website which features my story and information in depth and was actually written at the lowest point of my lyme journey. I am a member of the American Herb Association and United Plant Savers and their Botanical Sanctuary Network, an organization dedicated to saving and re-establishing endangered herb species.