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Spiritual Awakening


Dr. Morse’s YouTube Channel


Spiritual Awakening by Dr. Morse

The beginning of this article by Dr. Morse:  “You know there is only one God and we are all expressions of God. We forget God is , and is in everything! When was the last time you felt totally free in the moment, to enjoy what the moment brings? Living your life as children do, moment to moment, enjoying each moment for that moment, not thinking or planning the next. The awareness that is achieved by living this way brings love, happiness, and a knowingness of God into ones’ life. A knowingness of being unlimited and free . An ecstasy that can only be experienced . . . “


Natalia Rose

Natalia Rose is the woman who created Detox The World.  It is both a method and an organization dedicated to dispensing physiological truths that can prevent and reverse modern human degeneration. Detox the World recognizes that accumulation of both organic and inorganic substances in the cells and tissues of the body is the source of all manner and degree of physical illness.


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