Multiwave Oscillator

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Energy surrounds us and with that said, one of the key parts in healing is infusing the body with loving healing energy. Because our body is mostly made of water, healing those cells on an inner level can have the ability to transform us and rejuvenate our lives.

The Multiwave Oscillator is a energy frequency device which was invented by Georges Lakhovsky with the help of Nikola Tesla for his expertise in engineering of radio technology. They were used historically in French cancer clinics in the 1920s and 1930s. We are proud to bring available the most accurately replicated Multiple Wave Oscillators since Lakhovsky’s original.

These units were designed with years of research which included discussions with Serge Lakhovsky, Georges’s son as well as experimentation with functional vintage MWOs from the 1930s. This represents the most authentic MWO available anywhere!

The device has two special Antennas made of 100% pure copper which radiate a full spectrum of harmonics in the radio-frequency spectrum. It with these frequencies that are given off from the copper tubes, where the nucleus in each cell in our body functions as an electrical oscillator with insulative tubular filaments and chromosomes in a conductive fluid. As Mark Clements (Author of The Waves That Heal and english translator of Lakhovsky’s The Secret of Life) points out: “These filaments constitute minute oscillating circuits endowed with capacity and inductance and capable of oscillating according to a specific frequency. They are comparable to the circuits, coils, and windings of radio-receivers.” That said, that our cells can be compared to radio-transceivers that transmits and receives.

Every cell in the body is exposed to its perfect frequency. When cells are resonated properly with the appropriate vibratory oscillation it allows the body as a whole to work very efficiently in eliminating toxins and breaking up blockages of energy. The MWO makes every cell in your body vibrate at its original resonant frequency which very well could be the frequency of youth!

This Energy Healing Service is an add on that can can be added to any of the treatments or service that I offer.


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