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ONDAMED: Aiding in Health and Wellness!

ONDAMED represents an innovative approach to helping patients with acute and chronic conditions, from emotional and neurologic conditions to acute sports injuries and everything in between. As a sophisticated biofeedback technology, the ONDAMED can help to evaluate energy imbalances in the body and assist with the restoration of energy balance with very precise electromagnetic impulses.

For over 18 years, this unique technology has helped to locate underlying dysfunction as it simultaneously provides a therapeutic stimulus. ONDAMED’s specific pulsed electro-magnetic fields (PEMFs) used in combination with Pulse Biofeedback may help to “jump-start” cellular repair and regeneration. These energy impulses are distributed throughout the body at a cellular level may help to reduce inflammation, relieve physical and emotional stress and strengthen and restore balance to all major systems in the body.  There is promising evidence that PEMF therapy may help prevent and treat osteoporosis. 1, 2, 3

Low-level PEMFs have been shown to exert an anti-inflammatory effect through restoration of plasma membrane calcium ATPase activity. 4

Multiple published scientific studies show that low-level PEMFs produce a statistically significant reduction in pain when treating acute whiplash injuries, chronic musculoskeletal pain, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, epicondylitis, and neuropathic pain. 5, 6, 7, 8

A 2003 study by NASA showed that very low level PEMFs stimulate genes involved in normal cell growth. 9

NASA scientists have investigated PEMFs with the ultimate goal of creating an astronaut suit that would provide a countermeasure for the muscle atrophy and bone loss associated with space flight. 10

What is ONDAMED?

The ONDAMED website,  www. ONDAMED.net, describes their technology as a battery-powered biofeedback device that a medical practitioner uses to determine which frequencies of sound, as well as accompanying weak pulsed electromagnetic fields, cause a response in a patient’s autonomic nervous system. Temporary stimulation by these frequencies, combined with the patient’s cognitive and non-cognitive participation, promotes relaxation, muscle re-education, and rehabilitation that may aid in returning the body to its former state of wellness.

ONDAMED was invented by electronics engineer Rolf Binder in Schwanau, Germany. The technology is a culmination of 25 years of research in biophysical medical testing. Medical professionals world wide have been using ONDAMED with remarkable success for over a decade.

What is Energy Medicine?

Humans are electromagnetic beings, and are receptive to electromagnetic vibrations. ONDAMED stimulation induce subtle current impulses in the body’s fluids, organs, tissue, and cells. Our connective tissue, also known as “the matrix”, is our largest organ in the body. Connective tissue connects all cells and organs in the body.

The flow of electrons takes place in connective tissue. The perineural and perivascular system sits in organs, around muscles, bones and nerves. What takes place here may be compared to a semiconductor. Let’s take the following example: Isolated areas in the body, such as inflammation, are collecting a different electrical potential widely known as the ph-level in the body.

Once the ph-level is outside the neutral range of close to ph7, it indicates an electrical potential of the isolated area. This potential has an electrical field, which influences the conductivity in the surrounding area – just as the gate does in a semiconductor.

Is ONDAMED safe?

The ONDAMED is registered with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a Biofeedback Class II medical device, Category Neurology. It is not FDA approved to diagnose or treat any medical condition yet, but it has been approved for use under the supervision of AAABEM, an Institutional Review Board, as safe for research or clinical testing as a non-invasive secondary therapeutic device in the treatment of pain, discomfort, or general malaise.

The ONDAMED has been used in Europe as an approved medical device for the last 15 years. It has only been in the United States for the past 10 years, mainly used by alternative and complementary medicine practitioners.

The ONDAMED produces very low-level pulsed electromagnetic frequencies in the range of 0.1-32,000 Hz, which have not been shown to harm the body. Cell phones put out much stronger frequencies than this.

What does an ONDAMED treatment entail?

ONDAMED is a comprehensive system that focuses on underlying conditions rather than symptoms. During your session you will be seated, fully clothed, in a comfortable chair while your practitioner uses the ONDAMED equipment to painlessly scan your body for areas in need of attention. You may experience a mild tingling sensation, a feeling of warmth, or nothing at all. A typical treatment last about 60 minutes. Clients consistently report leaving a session feeling less pain, more relaxed and refreshed, able to think more clearly, and better prepared for life’s challenges.


For more information about ONDAMED, go to ONDAMED’s website at www.ONDAMED.net References: 1, Rubin CT, McLeod KJ, Lanyon LE. Prevention of osteoporosis by pulsed electromagnetic fields. J Bone Joint Surg Am. 1989 Mar; 71(3): 411-7. PMID: 2925715 2. Tabrah F, Hoffmeier M, Gilbert F Jr, Batkin S, Bassett CA. Bone density changes in osteoporosis-prone women exposed to pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMFs). J Bone Miner Res. 1990 May; 5(5): 437-42. PMID: 2195843 3. Satake T. Effect of pulsed electromagnetic fields (PEMF) on osteoblast-like cells. Alterations of intracellular Ca2+. Kanagawa Shigaku. 1990 Mar; 24(4): 692-701. PMID: 2133739 4. Selvam R, Ganesan K, Narayana Raju KV, Gangadharan AC, Manohar BM, Puvanakrishnan R. Low frequency and low intensity pulsed electromagnetic field exerts its antiinflammatory effect through restoration of plasma membrane calcium ATPase activity. Life Sci. 2007 Jun 6; 80(26): 2403-10. PMID: 17537462 5. Lee PB, Kim YC, Lim YJ, Lee CJ, Choi SS, Park SH, Lee JG, Lee SC. Efficacy of pulsed electromagnetic therapy for chronic lower back pain: a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study. J Int Med Res. 2006 Mar-Apr; 34(2): 160-7. PMID: 16749411 6. Thomas AW, Graham K, Prato FS, McKay J, Forster PM, Moulin DE, Chari S. A randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial using a low-frequency magnetic field in the treatment of musculoskeletal chronic pain. Pain Res Manag. 2007 Winter; 12(4): 249-58. PMID: 18080043 7. Sutbeyaz ST, Sezer N, Koseoglu BF. The effect of pulsed electromagnetic fields in the treatment of cervical osteoarthritis: a randomized, double-blind, sham-controlled trial. Rheumatol Int. 2006 Feb: 26(4): 320-4. PMID: 15986086 8. Shupak NM, McKay JC, Nielson WR, Rollman GB, Prato FS, Thomas AW. Exposure to a specific pulsed low-frequency magnetic field: a double-blind placebo-controlled study of effects on pain ratings in rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia patients. J Rheumatol. 1993 Mar; 20(3): 456-60. PMID: 16770449 9. Goodwin, T. Physiologic and molecular genetic effects of time-varying electromagnetic fields on human neuronal cells. Lyndon B Johnson Space Center. 2003 Sep. NASA/TP-2003-212054 10. Byerly D, Sognier M, Arndt D, Ngo P, Phan C, Byerly K, Weinstein R. Pulsed electromagnetic fields – a countermeasure for bone loss and muscle atrophy. Space Life Sciences. NASA.


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