Raw Food Transitioning

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Sometimes one of the hardest things is transitioning and changing our diets. That’s because food can be used as a comfort and it’s the one thing we are used to! Transitioning to any diet especially raw foods might be difficult at first because you’ll have to make some radical changes to your diet and change years of established habits.

The first thing we will look at together is what your goals are. Whether you wish to simply improve your diet and make little changes or transition to a full raw food diet. I always recommend starting out at 75% raw and 25% cooked. Going raw will help your body work less and spend less energy breaking down the foods. Because your body will spend less energy breaking down the foods, I always let the client know that they might feel a sense of cleansing of emotions. Yup! Keep in mind…emotions are stored mostly in the digestive tract! We will then make sure that there is a healthy balance in detoxing which will be easier on the body and spiritually.

With your assistance our next goal will be to remove the foods that are harming you the most. Here are the items you should consider eliminating or cutting down: Coffee, Dairy Products, Friend Goods, Junk foods and Flour products. I will assist you in seeking specific foods and products that are a great alternative which we can incorporate in your diet.

Next, we will look to see whether there is any deficiency in your diet and seek to add foods that will help boost your immune system as well as provide you key necessary nutrients like vitamins and minerals. Smoothies are a great way of adding in minerals and providing a packed nutritious meal.

Once we’ve done that, I always stress that it is important to take big steps, one a time. With these improvements you will see a great transition and a new way of living!


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