Abby C, Culver City, CA. I find Heather’s work always up to date with the latest information and she is always keeping up with new treatments. Her herbal protocol literally saved my life. I was so nervous but she is just such an amazing warm person. Really rare to find someone with her genuineness.


Nancy K. Huntington, NY Heather is real, extremely down to earth and passionate about what she does. She is such a giver and it was so comforting to talk to someone who has been where I was and knows so much. Her story is so deep, moving and passionate. She is so compassionate and has a loving spirit. She is truly a healer and I am so grateful that I met her on my journey.


Heather’s advice in My Feet Are Killing me was invaluable. Her expertise on detoxing and herbs to help aching feet really helped me. Thank You!! :))

Liz B. Garden City, NY. I love Heather! She is so amazing and warm. I was so nervous before talking with her over the phone. I have such brain fog and she knew what I was going through! For the first session on the phone she gently asked me what I was doing and how I was feeling regarding my condition with Lyme. She was so caring on the phone and sometimes tt is just nice to talk to someone without any judgment who can walk you through and hold your hand. Can’t wait to visit her place in California when it opens. Reading her story online and on YouTube is heartbreaking but it is so nice to know there is a way out of this! Many Blessings Heather! Colon Hydrotherapy rocks and from one “lymie” to another I am proud of you for helping our community!

Cathy P.  Stanford, CT Heather is great. I am so glad I was open to speaking to her over the phone. She gave me a lot of tools and some tricks about how she overcame Lyme disease. Some of them were pretty interesting. I love how she gave me tips and tricks on how to save money with holistic treatment with just basic foods and spices. I think its great what Heather is doing. Keep it up girl!