Inexpensive Ways to Treat Lyme Disease

Yikes! Well, Guys its been such a LONG time since I’ve done this video. Its so crazy looking back because after Lyme you really become such a different person. You really start to see the beauty in things and start appreciating life. I find that each day I become closer to God, as I continue to understand that the way we live today in society is not how we were meant to live.

So I wanted to talk about some INEXPENSIVE ways of treating Lyme. Because sooo many people come up to me and simply cannot afford this disease. Its a long journey and an expensive one. These videos recount some of what I did with Lyme but also its important to note that there are some ways of shortening the journey!

Now, we’ve heard it time and time before that people with Lyme should stay away from Gluten, Soy, Dairy and Sugar. Yes, this is the truth. But there are some other things that people with Lyme should really take to heart. First off, probably one of the worst things I did during my time with Lyme was eat sushi. I didnt understand at the time but eating sushi was just adding more fuel to the fire because the raw fish can contain parasites, eggs, bacteria that we are already having a tough time eliminating from the system. Once I started realizing that Sushi wasn’t good for my diet I quickly stopped and then brought it back into my diet later on when I was better. Once youre better guys you can eat things in moderation and can have your life back.

During your journey its important to integrate AS MANY foods/herbs as you can that can strategically help you. So its like your diet will ultimately be part of your medicine regime. Below is a list of foods that I ATE religiously. I would add Turmeric into my eggs nearly EVERY day to lower some of the inflammation. I would ADD OREGANO to as many foods as I can and these will all help you.

Some of the information below was taken from this great website!! I highly recommend you guys check it out.


Miso soup: protects against radiation
Avocado: Good fat
Turmeric: Good for inflammation
Aloe: Good for digestion and high in Vitamins & Minerals, High in Amino Acids & Fatty Acids, Adaptogen,Helps with Digestion, Helps in Detoxification, Alkalizes the Body, Cardiovascular Health, Boost the Immune System, Great for the Skin, Disinfectant, Anti-biotic, Anti-microbial, Germicidal, Anti-bacterial, Anti-septic, Anti-fungal & Anti-viral, Helps Reduce Inflammation
Radishes: Good for Gall Stones
Beets: Great for the liver
Rosemary: Coughing
Oregano: Menstrual Cramps:
Curry powder: Achy Joints:
Mint: Gas/Tummy:
Ginger: Antimicrobial
Cilantro: (good for Heavy Metals) and If you’re tired:
Ginger: Antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory
Parsley: Calcium
Cloves: Anti Microbial
Olive Oil
Garlic: Antibiotic
Coconut Oil: Anti-Viral
Cinnamon: Lowers blood pressure
Fenugreek: Flushes out toxins
Asparagus:  Good for Kidneys