What to Expect

Everything Begins With An Initial Consultation

The initial consult will consist of an hour-long appointment, going over health and family history, current struggles, and your future goals. I want to know exactly what you’d like to accomplish from our meetings and what challenges you have been facing. The appointment will be based on your individual needs and health concerns.

Not only will we work on detoxing but I will assist in empowering you with diet changes, information regarding supplements, energy therapies, a worksheet for your thoughts and come up with a workable plan together. I always tell my clients as long as you do something each day to release the infection and detox you are on the right path! I encourage my clients to reach realistic, attainable goals that we can work toward together each time we meet. We will go over your specific program together, outlining the key areas you need to focus on and make changes if necessary.

During subsequent follow-up appointments, we will review your schedule and make any changes together to meet your ultimate goal. Sharing a diary with me where we monitor your thoughts, supplements taken, how you have been feeling will help you remain accountable and allow me to fully understand if changes need to be made.  Length of therapy will depend on each individual client and their unique needs.

Measuring outcomes will go beyond simple detox sessions in the office, and will instead focus on health concerns, energy and stress levels, and overall satisfaction with how you look and feel.